Why do you hate asu?

Started by FCat, November 20, 2023, 05:04:31 AM

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Since it's rivalry week I thought we'd get a fun little thread going discussing the reasons we hate asu. I know hate is a strong word, but come on - it's asu!

I'll start. I really hate asu because every single interaction with their fans have been awful. They are entitled when they don't deserve it, and act like they're some big time football power. And heaven forbid they win a few basketball games and suddenly they're a baseketball school.

They mocked the Fisch hire in 2020, and are now praying he gets poached. Which won't happen. If anything their make-A-Wish kid coach will be bolting sooner than later because he can't handle being a head coach. I mean have you seen how he behaves on the sideline?

I also hate asu because of the local sports media here in the Phoenix area. It is incredibly nauseating having to listen to the asu slant up here. A couple days ago after they beat ucla they were talking about how Dilly is finally turning their program around without fully grasping the reality of their situation. They are truly delsuional.

I think the covid game really stepped things up a notch for me to be honest. I hated that night and how obnoxious asu fans were after that especially that billboard. I will never forget that.


I don't hate anyone except for UCLA, the most entitled fan base in the world. I wish ASU well and besides sports I think both universities and alumni bases should work together to make the great state of Arizona one of the best.


Nobody should wish assu well under any circumstances.  I don't care if your best friend is Pat Tillman's brother; their school is full of awful athletes, alumni and t-shirt fans.

Tempee has no sense of community.  The campus is huge and assu embraces their title of "party school".  Outside of their business and law schools, the academics are a joke.  I'm embarrassed that the state of Arizona considers our enrollment criteria to be "equal".  I know plenty of "students" that enrolled up north because they couldn't get in to the U of A.

The infamous Steve Kerr story is enough to fuel the fire.  Their obnoxious fans deserve to lose.  In addition to their constant racism towards Tucson's Hispanic culture, they have a skewed sense of a winning tradition.  Despite having one of the biggest student populations, their athletics department can't find sufficient funding to create decent facilities and entice fans to attend games.  It's embarrassing.

Screw those guys.  "Hate" is the perfect word.


It's a waste of a school, filled with trash people, supporting a garbage athletics program.

Considering ASU is slightly more selective than the Burger King kids club, calling them a school is a slight to all educational institutions.

Their campus is hideous and is the largest public health concern in Arizona.

Their colors are rust and piss and they're a stain on this state and drag us down as our "rival"

The best part about them are the jokes that consistently make their way into comedy bits on TV Shows and Movies.

All that to say, it's how they treated Steve Kerr that will forever represent their fanbase and school as the dumpster fire it is.


In all seriousness I hope we win by 70 points. No mercy for ASU.



Thanks for reminding me, LCC.  If you have 5 minutes, watch the above outdated clip from the Daily Show.  My personal favorite knock on assu...


My dad hated assu more than he loved UA. I was born to hate the scummies. Reason? Common sense. They can all suck it.



I don't. ASU is entertaining.

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