Who do you want taking the game winning shot?

Started by AztecWildcat, November 19, 2023, 09:32:26 AM

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Elite 8, 5 seconds left, Arizona is down by 1. Who takes the game winning shot?



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Love driving to the rack, drawing defenders, and hitting Keshad for the baseline alley oop


Love reminds me too much of Trier with the clock winding down.

Boswell needs the ball in his hands during the final possession. 

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Little George


Boswell is the one I trust the most, but he doesn't force shots. Last second shots are always forced.

The answer has to be whoever isn't scared to take it.

So, it's gotta be Love. He has the mindset and will shoot a buzzer beater the same way he shot it at any other point in the game, however good or bad that may be.

We just watched him throw up two air balls (one of which might be the worst miss I've ever seen), both with extreme confidence, come back down and miss the next 3 or 4 shots - all with the same confidence and then drains a contested 3 - all with the same confidence.

Love is that guy.

Hopefully it's Tommy drawing up a play for a good look instead of an iso hero ball moment.


Boswell 100% should take the shot. He has the ability to create. He typically doesn't force tough shots but he definitely can. The step back 3 against the 7 foot Filipowski comes to mind. The dude is 15/22 from 3 (68%).