Arizona's Pelle Larsson has signed a 3 year 5.4M deal with the Miami heat!

Started by WILD, July 03, 2024, 05:30:43 PM

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While it is a good looking contract, only 1 year is fully guaranteed. Pelle Larsson will be guaranteed at least the rookie minimum of $1.16 million in 2024-25. What normally happens in these situations is unless Pelle somehow performs strongly, he will likely be released next summer and then re-signed to a Two-Way contract like Keshad currently. There is a decent guarantee in Year 2, but I think it will end up amounting to similar terms. I won't be shocked if Pelle outplays the value of 5.4 over 3 though. He is really a good NBA type of talent and landed in the right situation.

The Heat did not disclose Keshad Johnson's salary but the two-way deal was reported in HoopsHype's database as a standard $578,577, which is normal and half of the NBA rookie minimum.

Keshad Johnson also earned $400,000 in NIL compensation last season while playing at Arizona.

I don't know what this year's transfers got like Townsend, Awaka, Del'Taco, but maybe Townsend would be worth around the 250k range. Not sure about the others value. Also maybe there is some inflation.


Cool summary. Thanks for that.

Pelle will make it. Not sure about KJ.