Quick 2025 FB recruiting update

Started by Little George, June 09, 2024, 01:37:57 PM

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Little George

We currently have three players committed and are a long way from signing day and even further from when these kids arrive on campus. Even then the transfer portal could nab them before they ever see the field. Nothing is set until these kids are in uniform at the completion of Fall Camp. LOL

Kellan Ford is a solid first get at TE and it appears we will be using the TE spot a lot moving forward.
We have two QBs already and I like them both. Robert McDaniel and Luke Haugo are both very good QBs. Either one would be a solid get, but having both is a real positive at this point.
These next two weekends are huge to our early 2025 class. Lots of visitors and I expect a few commits. Again, see the above, but watch for the commits. There will be some players that lay back and take the wait and see approach on committing, to see how the new staff does during game time.

Little George

Another big recruiting weekend upcoming.
Several committed players still visiting.
Hearing some real speed bumps happening at Washington and some players/recruits getting cold feet.
Looking to land a few more from the visits coming.
I'd expect 14-16 commits by the end of July. We have seven now.