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Started by Little George, June 09, 2024, 01:30:53 PM

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Little George

Not a lot of new stuff, but an update coming into summer. Most of the transfers and new additions are on campus with a few exceptions.
Eduwa Okundye, Jabari Mann, Stacy Bey, and Turran Williams are not on campus yet. Until they are actually on campus they are not on the roster. There is always that chance these players may change their minds and go elsewhere. Look for the Fall Camp roster update to see who all shows up.
Obviously we have two open scholarships left if those four players show up. The staff may still add a player or two, or actually give them to a deserving walk-on. I would not be surprised if at least one of the players listed flips and goes somewhere else. I would also not be surprised by another late addition going into Fall Camp.

Starters going into Fall Camp? None! The staff knows they have most of the starters in place, but the competition is still open. Hmmm.. Yes, and that is typical. We all know that a healthy McMillan is starting at WR and Fifita at QB. Baker will be the starting C. Loop will be kicking the ball. Manu will be the OLB and the DBs are mostly set, especially with Davis at CB. However, versatility is huge and to get the best players on the field we could see a player switch positions if it benefits the team. Like when Savaiinaea moved to OT. I would expect Moe to stay inside, but IF someone steps up at LT, we could see Pulido move back inside. Little flex still going on.
RB? I expect it to be by committee as it was last year. I expect at least four players to see time at RB this year. I could even see Luke playing some Slot for more PT. The depth and talent at RB is really better than anyone expected after losing two grads and the transfers we had leave the program.
Overall the O will be one of the best in the B12.
The D still has some questions of IF these guys are P5 good, and who will rotate with who, but the depth is there for a solid rotation and that is good. Some of the players are a bit undersized which is a concern.

Little George