Goodman says he hates Love to Arizona & Sheer is torn 📺

Started by WILD, May 30, 2023, 05:29:58 PM

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Arizona needed an alpha scorer. We haven't sniffed a title in over two decades.

No time to play it safe. You take the risk. You roll the dice.


Goodman doesn't hate Love - he hates Arizona - and even more - Sean Miller


I don't think Goodman hates Arizona. This is his alma mater.
He is just being emotional and not thinking straight. It's unfortunate that the more popular sports pundits are the more irrational ones and not the ones that provide well thought out analysis.


He hates Arizona.  Be a supporter, Jeff.  Goodness. 



Why does Goodman  hate arizona  so much, an he trys to  make it sound like he is a fan we know better.

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