GIF Drop #3

Started by |ᴘ|ʀ|ʏ|ᴍ|ᴇ|, December 26, 2022, 11:06:29 AM

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PART 1 of  2

Save your own HD copies from here for use on twitter. In the BDU chatbox, add a "#" after your search terms to display 20 results rather than 5 if needed. BTFD 🌵🐻⤵🏀🌵

Previous Drops



"Oumar Ballo shades"

"Oumar Ballo crowd"

"Kerr Kriisa dunk"

"Kerr Kriisa vision" or "goggles Kerr Kriisa"

"Kerr Kriisa keep talking"

"Pelle Larsson"


PART 2 of  2

"Kerr Kriisa fire"

"Kerr Kriisa fire"

"Kerr Kriisa win"

"Adama Bal #"

"Tubelis ax"

"Henri Veesaar"

"Dylan Anderson"

"Kerr Tucson"

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