GIF Drop #1

Started by |ᴘ|ʀ|ʏ|ᴍ|ᴇ|, November 18, 2022, 06:54:26 PM

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Save your own HD copies from here for use on twitter. I believe gifs move higher up in general search results without needing to be so specific the more the gifs are used, but for the time being, these are the exact search terms that will get you the best results in the chat box. If needed, add a "#" after your search terms to display 20 results rather than 5. BTFD 🌵🐻⤵🏀🌵

"U of A game day Kerr #"

"Kylan Boswell"

"Kerr dunk"

"Keep talking Kerr Kriisa"

"Pelle Larsson"

"Pelle Larsson"

"Henri Veesaar"

"Cedric Henderson"

"Dylan Anderson Arizona #"

"Dylan Anderson Arizona #"


Good stuff Pryme.

Thank you

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