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Started by Little George, September 25, 2022, 10:12:03 AM

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Little George

I have loved this site since it's beginnings and have spent many hours here over the years. There are some on here that are bound to disagree no matter what the topic or situation which can be annoying at times. One thing for sure is that most (not all) here are Wildcat fans. I have been a Wildcat fan a good part of six decades now and have been a part of several boards over that time. I will always be a Wildcat fan and will visit time to time, but I have become to engaged in the changes in my life and the lives of my family members to be so committed and involved on a daily basis on any board. I have seen enough friends come and go along the way. My priorities have certainly changed along the way as well. I have been involved with sports, politics, religion, community, and other things as well but mostly family. I have been in a transistion period for a short while now and it IS time to make some more changes. I will be less active in politics and sports as I turn my attention and time more to my family and my personal beliefs. We have family memebrs with health issues and our own personal spititual needs as well. I am planning to spend my time in service. Service in my community and more deeply involved with family, but mostly strengthening my relationship with The Lord and being a care taker for my loving wife. This is actually not a difficult decision at all, but just a matter of priorities.  I will try to log back on from time to time, but do not expect me to be here often as other things have become more pressing in my life. I will miss many of your chats. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

Thanks to WILD and all involved in keeping this site going.

Bear Down


Amen! Good on you. I too question the amount of time I spend on this board. I'm leaning in the direction you've take. May the Lord bless and protect you and your family from all evil and error. Hopefully we'll meet on the other side some day. John T.


Take care of your family LG. You and your family will be in my prayers.

hawaii wildcat

Take care of yourself and your family- that is first. We will miss you!


Sorry you wont be here anymore LG, I enjoyed your contribution daily. But I get it.

Best to you and your family!


Thank you LG for all your contributions over the years.  Love your coverage of the FB program and I know it's time consuming.  When I first arrived in Tucson, Jim Young was the FB coach, remember him?  Ran the triple option I think, left and went to the Army Academy.
"'I was totally amazed and shocked to be hired and released prior to one full year and without any year of recruiting."
- Ben Lindsey

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