Rumor, It's out there

Started by WILD, May 24, 2023, 12:00:37 AM

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Hopefully it's what I think it is. Which is an abundance of things


If it's what I think it is, I'm trying to wrap my head around having Zu back.

In such an event, we'd play Pelle a lot more at the 2 and less at 3 to solve the guard situation, with K Johnson getting a lot more of his minutes at 3 (with Paulius and Fili B probably). Maybe this could become a oversized athletic 3?

It'd be hard to give Zu fewer minutes this year at 4, but HV needs some. Ditto for Anderson behind Ballo. Krivas might be odd man out unless he can show he's ahead of HV/Anderson.

This is why CTL and co get paid the big bucks. If he can make it all work, it could be a deep team and makes a hard run in March.


If it's a rumor that Tub is coming back that would be awesome, but still wouldn't solve our need for a pure shooter!


AT coming back only makes things behind him very difficult for the three bigs that are projected to be coming off the bench.
HV/DA are going to be sophomores, and MK is going to be a true freshman season.
I have stated that I do not believe either one is poised to make an high-impact as a starter.
I can also be logical enough to understand that they need more minutes to harness their skills and reduce the amount of time it is going to take for them to reach their peak at Arizona.


Is this rumor toast now, or was the actual rumor about Love?

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