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PG recruiting So i was reading the chat box and saw the talk about PG recruiting

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So i was reading the chat box and saw the talk about PG recruiting. Saw the question why can't we get the top level players at the spot? I got curious and looked into PG recruiting. I looked up ESPNís recruiting rankings and grabbed the names for the top 3 PG every year and went back as far as i could which was 2007. Here is what i found and my opinions of just their college careers. I donít care about NBA success only how good they were in college.

Top PGs
Derrick Rose Memphis GREAT
Corey Fisher Nova Decent 
Jai Lucas Florida/Texas BUST
Brandon Jennings- PRO
Kemba Walker UCONN GREAT
John Wall UK GREAT
Abdul Gaddy UW BUST
Maalik Waynes Nova Average
Kyrie Irving Duke GREAT
Brandon Knight UK VERY GOOD
Josh Selby KU BUST
Marquis Teague UK Average
Myck Kabongo TX Decent
Josiah Turner AZ BUST
Marcus Paige UNC GREAT
Kris Dunn Providence GREAT
Yogi Ferrell IU GREAT
Andrew Harrison UK Underwhelming
Kasey Hill Florida Mediocre
Rysheed Jordan St.Johns BUST
Tyus Jones Duke GREAT
Emmanuel Mudiay pro
Isaiah Briscoe UK BUST
Jalen Brunson Nova GREAT
Derryck Thornton Duke/USC BUST
DeíAaron Fox UK GREAT
Markelle Fultz UW GREAT
Trevon Duval Duke BUST
Collin Sexton Bama GREAT
Jaylen Hands UCLA BUST
Darius Garland Vandy INJURED
Tre Jones Duke VERY GOOD
Ashton Hagans UK DECENT
Cole Anthony UNC INJURED
RJ Hampton Pro
Nico Mannion AZ Decent
Cade Cunningham OK St GREAT
Jalen Suggs Gonzaga GREAT
Caleb Love UNC meh so far`

So thats 3 players a year for 14 years. That 42 players. Of the 42 players Coach K got 5, Calipari got 8, & Roy Williams got 5. That means 18 out of 42 or about 43% went to just 3 schools. Also by count iíd only say 19 were very good to great. These are all 5-star PG recruits and if you get one you are probably expecting a very good to great player. That is only happening around 45% of the time. So odds arenít great for a 5-star PG to be great. Also just thinking back while several of these players i listed won national titles and got F4s it has mainly been multi year guys that won the title. Only 1 & done players to start at PG and win a title on here are Teague from UK & Jones from Duke. Teague wasnít a really special player just played on an incredibly stacked team.

So to conclude while iíd love to land more 5-star PGs like Tyty Washington lets not freakout or get to down if we miss on those guys. We need to just get good players and develop them. It is super hard to get guys to stick around and actually develop but it seems to be a key piece to what Lloyd wants to do. Hopefully he succeeds as history shows mutiyear PGs are the way to go.


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Good info azbd thanks for the info.
It shows Arizona  has really struggle to land top p. Guards turner  was  a dissapointment., I thought nico was decent  . Tj. Was really good but  did not start at Arizona.

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Thank you. Very interesting.

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Nice info, AZBD.  I don't have the time to research today, but I'd be intrigued to see how many successful NBA point guards over the past 15 years were drafted, one-and-dones, 4 year NCAA athletes, mid majors, etc.

My assumption is that more than 50% were small school and/or 4-year players that developed/prepared themselves for the league.

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This as a Highly subjective report, but a nice opinion piece for people who are willing to read and think for themselves and their own interpretation. I think there are a lot more variables in play, but just as a baseline this has some legs to stand on for the complainers out there. 5* players is part of Arizona's DNA. If we have a coach who is incapable of recruiting 5*'s that is a problem. If he is turned down by 5*'s that is a different issue than not recruiting them at all. Arizona is not a mid major. It cannot survive as the program it is supposed to be with that mentality. This new coach might get a free pass this season for many reasons I would never agree with but can understand, however the weight of the world is on his shoulders to produce whether there are sanctions or not. There is no excuse after this season. Coach has Miller's core team to work with. It's not a full rebuild. So the spotlight is on him to develop these players even further, not regress. No other school has slowed down what they do. They all put the pedal to the metal until they are forced to stop.

However, the juice was simply not worth the squeeze for the audience this needed to set out to educate. The people in the chat who make these type of comments and freak out all of the time don't even care to comment on this post which is pretty embarrassing because they sit there all day. They hide and complain in their bubble where they can gang up and hyper-react until group-think takes over and no one is allowed to think freely without being bullied. My opinion is my own, but backed by facts and science - and I do see everything written.

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Not reading your stupid diatribe.

I hope you enjoy stalking the chat box. Itís lovely without you. Have a nice day.

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Not reading your stupid diatribe.

I hope you enjoy stalking the chat box. Itís lovely without you. Have a nice day.

^ Proof of concept. like clockwork every time. Chat is a place that contains very little sports intelligence and is softer than baby shit. but misery loves company around those parts.

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Nice post, AZBD

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Great Information. I have never cared much for Freshman PGs.  The job of a PG is to run the show, to be the field general.  To me, Nico is really talented but never looked comfortable out there. TJ had to sit out a year and he learned how to run things.  The ideal for me is to have an experienced guard running things and a younger guard learning the system.  Cook might be a good option for us because he knows how CTL wants to run things.  Just a thought.


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